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VMK Newsletter 2018

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I am here to welcome the year 2018 with open arms with a celebrative heart along with a group of faithful believers. It’s time to open our heart to God-size dreams and to wait expectantly. God-sized visions. The old set up is changing to new Kingdom set up. Our God is a God of new beginnings. D.L. Moody’s declaration was, “May God illuminate me today.” Let me have a passionate burning. Let it increase day by day. Every hindrance be removed I pray.

     We serve a limitless God. His name is AIN SOPH (Hebrew), the “Limitless One”. The foundation for all in the universe. And it’s so surprising to know that the same ability is bestowed upon us. I believe this year is opening up a platform for the “manifestation of God”.

We are going to see our God in a different way – making declaration – that our decree is letting us have an open heaven and open doors. A life so clean & easy where the soul is separate from the spirit.
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