Our Pastors


After his salvation experience, Pr. Ramesh’s focus was on his family members who were not born again at that time. This season made him to be conscious of the salvation of family members in every family. Today he is able to train other people to carry a burden for the lost and also to attract the people to Jesus by love and kindness. Pr. Latha has been serving the Lord and keenly following the leading of the Holy Spirit through her full-time ministry since the year 1990. Her years of experience enable her to gain much insight and access into the mysteries and glories of the heavenly realm and, her prophetically inspired teachings include fresh revelations from the throne room of God.

Pr. Latha has authored five books, one of them ‘The Bait’ has already made its impact among the parents and youth. As a result, it was translated and printed in two Indian languages. Her writings and messages have inspired many lives in regard to the kingdom standard of living as she faithfully ushers several hundreds of souls into the kingdom year after year.

Pr. Ramesh and Pr. Latha reside in Kuwait and have two grown daughters Anila and Beula. Anila is a gifted singer and the worship leader at the Vineyard. Beula is married to Kingsley Thomas and they currently reside in New Zealand.